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AED Training / / Defibrillator Training – Adventure First Aid delivers defibrillator training and AED
training courses and can supply a defibrillator for you. These courses are designed for companies who wish to take the initiative to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on their premises, and realize the benefits for the welfare of staff, as well as customers.

We provide practical defibrillator training allowing for students to have a better understanding and more ‘hands on’ experience with the AED.

Over 270,000 people suffer a heart attack every year in the U.K. Unfortunately, 30% will not make it to hospital alive. The majority might have been saved had their heart been defibrillated in the first five minutes of their cardiac arrest. An AED unit with a trained operator at the site of a sudden cardiac arrest can raise the chance of survival from 0% to 80%.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in furthering their emergency aid skills, or who works at a site where an AED is being purchased. The qualification gained is valid for 12 months, as recommended by the European Resuscitation Council.

Our most popular defibrillator training is the 3-hour course which covers: dealing with collapse, CPR and AED training and is suitable for previously trained and new staff members.

We will come to your workplace and work with groups of people from four upwards.

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